The 14 Reasons To Be A Reseller

ph-fish-in-tank-1One of Piquarium Inc.’s primary goals is to develop a national network of specialized retailers that possess a dedication to customer service and a desire to offer something very unique to their customer base. As we start to develop our network, our website will offer a scaled down version of the Piquarium set-up so our dealers can enjoy the revenue of needed items and equipment. Let us surprise you with our level of commitment to YOUR success!

14. A compelling, beautiful, elegant, sexy, unusual, fun, high quality, healing and therapeutic product to sell.

13. Piquariums are loved and proven. Over 2500 sold without 1 return!

12. You don’t have to stock anything (however, if you do, your profit margin goes up).

11. We can ship a Piquarium almost anywhere in the US and Canada.

10. Heavily discounted price for a beautiful demo unit for your store.

09. Your demo Piquarium transforms YOUR store’s wall space. “Living Art” for your store!

08. Piquariums draw customers into your store, by being seen from the street and your business being featured on our website.

07. If you’re located in the SF Bay Area, Piquarium Inc.’s crew will keep your demo stocked with beautiful fish and decor we just need you to feed the fish and keep the demo clean (we can help you arrange this).

06. You’re selling a high quality product. Piquariums are fully warranted for as long as the buyer owns the product.

05. Piquariums are completely designed and manufactured in California.

04. Beautiful sales kit, marketing materials and frame samples

03. Founded in 2006, Piquarium Inc. is a company with an excellent customer service and response history to both our resellers and buyers

02. Our website will never undercut your retail prices. We protect our resellers.

01. And the Number 1 reason to be a Piquarium reseller: Profit margins of $250 to $500 per sale with no risk (we provide the demo model at a heavily discounted price, marketing materials and sales training/support at no charge).

Become a Retailer

Do you have an aquarium store or a hip home furnishings store or a casual art gallery and are interested in representing one of the most compelling, coolest, sexiest products on the market? A product like no other that’s made here in the USA and offers a lifetime guarantee? Call or email our office. Then click here to see the Top 14 Reasons for Becoming a Piquarium Reseller.