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Living Art!

Wall-Mounted Aquariums

A Piquarium is a spectacular and sophisticated conversation piece that both energizes and soothes the viewer. It’s not just an aquarium–it’s a piece of living art that blends the magic of water, movement, color and life embraced by a handcrafted frame. 

“Piquarium was the Highlight of the San Francisco Fall Designer Showcase”
This is the aquarium as a piece of art!”

A Beautifully-Framed Underwater
World On Your Wall

Piquariums are hand-crafted, wall-mounted aquarium tanks with real fish! Imagine the impact of a beautifully framed underwater world on your wall, silently displaying colorful tropical fish, swaying plants and relaxing bubbles.

This unique wall art is perfect for home, office, or any place of business, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere while taking up a minimal amount of space.

Piquarium Features

Simple Installation

Our aquariums are self-contained and mounted ON your wall not IN your WALL. All machinery (pumps, filters, heaters, lights, cords and tubing) is concealed behind an elegant frame. We can help arrange professional installation throughout the U.S.

For Residential & Commercial

Piquariums are live wall art, versatile enough for thousands of environments–homes, offices, bars, restaurants, funeral homes, salons, medical offices, senior facilities, etc.

Everything Included

Our mounted aquariums include over $400 worth of equipment and supplies that would have to be purchased separately with any other aquarium system! The only things we don't ship are gravel, water, and fish.

Countless Frame Options

We offer 16 standard aquarium frame options or you can choose from thousands of custom possibilities.

Hand Made in the USA

All Piquariums are handmade in Hayward, CA since 2006. We ship anywhere in the U.S. or internationally.

Relaxing Environment

In addition to serving as unique wall decor, Piquarium wall mounted aquariums are virtually silent and have been proven to lower stress levels and blood pressure.

Piquariums are alive, beautiful, quiet, always stirring and incredibly relaxing

Customer Reviews

Silver framed aquarium mounted on wall in residential setting

Piquarium Tech Facts

Become a Retailer

Do you have an aquarium store, hip home furnishings store, or a casual art gallery? Offer your clients one of the most compelling, coolest and sexiest US made products on the market, backed by a 10 year warranty.

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